Flushable Porta Potty

Ideal for off-grid events and construction sites!
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REMEMBER: You can rent sanitary handwashing stations from Best Pots, too! Self-contained and 100% clean and ready to use.

Details & Features

  • Standalone flushable porta potty, no utilities required
  • Features one flushing toilet & a non-splash urina
  • Freshwater handwashing sink
  • Includes soap and paper towel dispenser
  • 1,500 sheet rolls of bathroom tissue in dispensers
  • Sealed water and waste tanks

Available Accessories:

  • Warm water sinks
  • Disposable paper toilet seat protection covers
  • Environmental wastewater containment trays


  • Specs: 90″H x 44″W x 48″L
  • Empty Weight: 185 Lbs.
  • Holding Tank: 70 Gal.

Capacity: 125 average uses or 6 people during a 40-hour workweek.

We deliver flushable porta potty rentals throughout the Willamette Valley and the Oregon Coast.

best pots flushable porta potty toilets salem eugene newport albany

Great for…

Construction Sites

farm and agricultural use flushable porta potties best pots portland salem eugene

Flushable porta potty rentals are ideal for off-grid or longer-term commercial and residential construction projects.

Special Events

flushable porta potties for office buildings best pots portland salem eugene

We provide flushable porta potty rentals to swap meets, fairs, food, beer, and wine events, music festivals, and other big events.

Much More!

custom rental packages flushable toilets best pots portland salem eugene

Custom restroom rental packages can be designed to fit any need. Even events with 10,000+ guests! Get your quote today.

ADA/Wheelchair Accessible Rentals

Our wheelchair accessible restroom rentals are in compliance with all ADA requirements. ADA restroom rental options include:

  • Oversized rentals – These portable bathroom rentals feature big entrances and spacious interiors. Handrails allow for added ease of mobility.
  • Wheelchair-accessible units – Features enough room for a 360-degree turn. Wide enough to accommodate any mobility device. Includes both handrails and ground-level entrance area.

Available Rentals

Standard toilets

  • Cold or heated water
  • Two rolls of toilet paper provided
  • Optional sinks equipped with soap and paper hand towels
  • Black Tie & Pink restrooms!

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Flushable toilets

  • Cold or heated water
  • Tank is sealed
  • Opens when flushed with water from a fresh tank

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Oversize toilets and ADA-compliant wheelchair accessible units

  • Handicap units have handrails
  • Equipped with optional hand sanitizer
  • Two rolls of toilet paper provided

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Executive & VIP trailers

  • Hot and cold water
  • Air conditioning and heat available
  • Toilets and urinals are flushable
  • Optional musical ambiance

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Freshwater holding tanks

  • Each tank holds 250 gallons of water
  • 12V pump included
  • Non-potable water

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Waste water holding tanks

  • Each tank holds 150 gallons
  • Catch screen included to separate out solids
  • Great for portable kitchens

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Warm water sinks

  • Units equipped with soap, paper hand towels, and trash can
  • Tap turns on/off
  • Large sink and holding tank
  • Two stations
  • Optional trailer

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Freshwater sinks

  • Sinks equipped with soap and paper hand towels
  • Foot pump to pump fresh water

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Shower units

  • 8 stall units
  • Gender separated
  • Equipped with sink, mirror, clothing hooks
  • Many sizes, styles, and other configurations available

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Secure storage units

  • 20’x21’x40’ all metal storage unit
  • Secured locking mechanism to keep your items safe

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Guaranteed on-time pickup and delivery

Cleaned, fresh, and
ready to use

Toilet paper and hand hand sanitizer available

ADA-compliant and
accessible rentals

24/7 emergency service

About Best Pots

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We’re proud to give back to the community, supporting a variety of great charities, including:

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